Saturday, September 11, 2010

The best summary of 9/11 I have ever read:


By Edward Waters
(Copyright © 13 September 2001)

One rushed headlong.
Screaming. Flailing.
'I am Terror, god of panic,
ravager of peace.'

One strode forth.
Slashing. Searing.
'I am Pain, god of suffering,
lord of agony.'

One burst out.
Seizing. Crushing.
'I am Rage, god of vengeance,
blasphemer of Justice.'

One stood silent.
Seething. Waiting.
This was Hatred, god of darkness,
festering the will.

One reeled about.
Sobbing. Wailing.
'I am Grief, god of loss;
I make living dying.'

One just shrivelled.
Sighing. Whispering.
'I am Despair: Ashes, Ruin.
There is no god -- but I.'

One stepped forward.
Gazing on them. Unimpressed.
Speaking low, yet heard by all:
'I Am Who I Am.'

And in the wake of God's true Name,
was left standing.

In this time of evil, we must defy most
the evil that would rule in our own hearts.
Let us surrender them to no god but the God.
Whatever comes, it is the Lord of Faith, Hope, and Love
who will be standing in the end.

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